Shannon has implemented and advocates for a number of criminal justice reforms.

Cash Bail Reform
Thanks to Shannon’s leadership, prosecutors in her office no longer request cash bail for defendants. Shannon eliminated this archaic system, which kept too many people behind bars because of an inability to pay a fee. The system was discriminatory and so Shannon took action.

Rights Restoration, Banning the Box, and Record Expungement
Shannon supports legislation that would make it easier for people to have their rights restored, ban the box about criminal history on job applications, and have certain convictions expunged from records.

Too many people with convictions who have subsequently led productive and constructive lives are held back from being full participating members of society. Shannon will continue working to make these changes a reality.

Battling Addiction
Through established relationships with outside community organizations, recovery programs and homes, Shannon will continue to emphasize treatment and not jail and tackle opioid abuse for what it is – an addiction, not a crime.

Shannon remains committed to not prosecuting our way out of the opioid epidemic.

Prosecuting Hate Crimes
Shannon will not back down from confronting those that stir fear and division and promote discrimination and hate in Henrico County. She commits to prosecuting individuals committing hate crimes to the fullest extent of the law. Whether the crime targets race, gender, religion, country of origin, or sexual orientation, Shannon will work to deliver justice and keep all community members safe from discrimination and violence.

Champion Gun Safety Reform
Shannon will continue to prioritize getting illegal firearms off our streets and will remain a fierce advocate for common-sense reforms. Shannon will speak up in support of federal and state legislation such as universal background checks for all firearm purchases, and funding proper CDC research on gun violence.

Shannon advocates for legislation which aims to allow judges to temporarily restrict access to firearms for those who are deemed at risk of harming themselves or others, known as an Extreme Risk Protection Order.

Youth Outreach
Shannon will continue her work to connect with youth across Henrico, attending PTSO events hosted at schools; speaking to classes on the dangers of drugs and crime and the importance of using technology and social media responsibly; and visiting with youth advocacy groups. Shannon will remain present and engaged with our youth.

Shannon pledges to continue her support for initiatives such as Henrico County Public Schools job shadow days, which she participates in at every chance.

Mental Health Services
Shannon believes we need increased mental health services and treatment in Virginia. She believes in getting offenders the help that they need, and not just sentencing them to a life behind bars with no relief.

Shannon spends countless hours in schools initiating and conducting anti-bullying programs. Shannon wants to help our youth understand the perspectives and struggles of their classmates, and that words and actions have consequences.

Youth Crime and tackling the School to Prison Pipeline
Shannon wants to sever the school to prison pipeline to ensure our youth have opportunities and not criminal records. Youthful mistakes and misjudgments should not lead to jail and continued interactions with the criminal justice system.

Continued Transparency
Shannon believes it is important for the public to have knowledge and information about her office. She will continue to send representatives from her office out into the community to meet with constituents.