Meet Shannon

Meet Shannon

Democrat Shannon Taylor is passionate about keeping our community safe and implementing reforms that move Henrico County forward, and don’t leave anyone behind.

She’s running for re-election because there’s more to do, and she’s always ready to keep working for us. Election Day is Tuesday, November 5, 2019. Sign-up to join our campaign and receive updates from Shannon!


  • Shout out to the APUW 199 for the chance to come out to the BEST gathering ever!!! It made my ❤ proud to see a familiar friend all know him as DJ Crush Groovey. They had it all! Tunes, Face painting, more bouncy houses...awesome time!
  • Never know who you will see at the Armenian Food Festival!! Thank you Bedros Bandazian for your kindness and support and it is always great to see good friends!
  • Another great community event in Varina! Great seeing Tyrone Nelson!!!
  • Come on out!!!
  • Mosby Memorial Community Day!!
  • It is important to support all of our partners in Public Safety. Congratulations to our Henrico Fire friends who were promoted and to a new graduation class! #HenricoPublicSafetyTheBest!
  • (Apologize for the delay!) In honor of Labor Day this past Monday, I wanted to give a shout out to UA-Local 10 (Pipe Traders) wasn't quite the Flashdance moment one might want to see, but it was a lot of fun!!! Thank you!! 🙂
  • Delegate Jennifer Carol Foy getting the crowd fired up!
  • Last but not least, thank you to Schuyler and Debra for allowing me to stop by their candidates meet and greet. When you run countywide you don't have the opportunity to go into every single neighborhood in this County. (It's big if you didn't know!) This was a great opportunity to meet more people, some who've already been supporters, and some new! #BlueWaveKeepsOnRollin2019
  • One of my absolute favorite ❤❤❤events is going Back to School! Hats off to Delegate Lamont Bagby, Fairfield Board of Supervisor Frank Thornton, Fairfield School Board member Roscoe Cooper, and Community activist extraordinaire Dale Alexander! Shout out to Mike Taylor, president of Henrico Education Foundation. These kids at St. Luke's are READY TO GO!!! ❤❤❤ these young people!! 🍕🍦📚📓

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